Session guitarist

Since first picking up the guitar at the age of three, Jack has honed his skills as a studio guitarist, having played on countless recording projects at New York University's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Additionally Jack has been a featured studio guitarist on recordings for recording artist Demo Taped and BMG Records demos. If you are interested in having Jack play on a recording project, click here.


In addition to his work as a songwriter, Jack actively writes for music publications. Most recently, he co-wrote an article with esteemed guitar historian, George Gruhn, that was featured in the November 2016 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine.


In 2015 Jack was responsible for writing a successful $40,000 innovation grant proposal to build an on-campus digital recording studio at his high school. He founded a student-run record label, GRAY RECORDS, that released an EP in April 2015 on iTunes, Spotify, and short-run Vinyl. Since then, Jack has produced recordings for singer-songwriters, focusing primarily on bringing out the meaning in lyrics and framing them minimally.  If you are interested in having Jack produce a song or collection of songs, click here.